lykosis' poems

come laugh with me

We don't know what we pretend to know
We can't see what we see
Our thoughts are confused by thoughts
Our answers contradicted by our answers
Not as simple
Not as easy
Not as fun
As it use to be
Pass me a drink
Or maybe some rope
Into myself I sink
Skip the drink and pass some hope

I'd cry if I could
I'd die if I should
But if I could and I should I doubt I would

       HERE I SIT

Here I sit, alone with myself
Here I sit, searching inside myself
Thinking desperately about my thoughts
Trying fruitlessly to destroy my thoughts
Here I sit, with my friends
Here I sit, drink it in
Here I sit, drinking my friends
Here I sit, drunk and tired
Here I sit, alone with myself
Here I sit


beer is good for you in morning
beer is good for you at night
beer is good for you when you're mourning
beer makes you feel allright
delicious flavor in my mouth
I love that unique taste
delicious feeling in my mind
I shall drink some more with haste


We are all battling for our minds
A never ending war against an unseen opposition
Subconscious threatens to take over
Push them back
Back into subconsciousness
An outside voice places a thought into your head
Repeated, the thought becomes your own
An alien thought breeding in the recesses of your mind
It grows like a Cancer
Now it's your thought, your belief
You have been programmed
What's the answer?
Is there an answer?
Someone must have the answer!
Program me! I want the answer! Any answer
I must admit defeat in the battle for my mind

Pale girl screams
with pain and delight
girl of my dreams
a glorious sight
eyes roll back
nails dig in
mind lost track
moment of sin
mouth on mouth
surrounded in heat
mouth moves south
smell so sweet
art of love
rhythm of lust
push comes to shove
dust to dust
Friction ends...
and rest begins


I feel everything I don't feel
You see everything you don't see
I know everything I don't know
You belong with me but not with me

Hopelessly searching for some hope
We cry together when we're apart
I feel the pain of the painless
At the end and about to start

I see without my eyes
I feel without a touch
I weep without my tears
It hurts but not that much

What was given can be taken
Life is but a circular track
Things are done, undone, and done again
There we go and here we come back

       Lonely Winter

To a winter's lonely night I dream
  thinking of you in my arms
How lonely I must seem
  thinking of you in my arms
But soon shall be the day
  when I'm holding you in my arms
And I will hear you say
  "I love it in your arms"


Legitimate lies
Clear brown eyes
Noone hears the boy that cries

Standing tall
Must not fall
Noone hears the boy that cries

Cry little boy cry
Your tears shell never dry
Your life is nothing but a lie
One escape, you must die

Emotions rage
Locking in a cage
Noone hears the boy who cries

Louder louder still
Hidden with the greatest skill
Noone hears the boy who cries

Release the boy from his anguish
Put a bullet in his head
The boy cries no more
Now he's dead


I love you, I hate you
How could you do this?
My heart lies before you
You trample and kiss

In a world of seduction
You play the role
Love, your salvation
See how you've raped my soul

My life is now altered
Changed because of pain
Everything has faltered
Everything has changed

What once was certain
Now bears no truth
My love your burden
My love to cut your tooth


How horrible it must be
to be the last sheet of paper
Behind every other sheet
the last piece of paper
Maybe it's good to be
the last sheet of paper
I bet it sucks to be paper anyway
but to be
the last piece of paper
that would be bad
written on and discarded
and never thought about again
I think I'd rather be a tree

the party is over
the time is here
our lives are changing
into what?
wait and see
the world changes
who are we?
we sit and discuss tomorrow
our lives to be?
who knows what awaits
the lord we cannot see?
your lies, our answers
what do you believe?
my thoughts are nothing but lies
waiting for you
I suck you in
I suck you dry
I leave you
I leave you to die
I dont care what you think
I am the lord almighty
sounds great to me
kneel at my alter
beg me, beg me, beg me
I laugh at your follies
Your life entertainment for me
for me, for me, for me
Tomorrow for you, for you, for you
lets see what you do

the adventures of a failed writer - 2003
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